Allegiance Aviation Services provides aviation consulting services related to aircraft operations, hangar construction, hangar management, and aviation needs assessments.

With business relationships established with top ranked and nationally recognized building and door production companies such as Horizon Building Systems and Alamo Door Systems, Allegiance Aviation Services can develop a hangar plan to meet your current needs as well as plan for future development.

We also have established business relationships with experienced contractors and companies that are needed to successfully build a hangar from the site work to the final finish out. Allegiance Aviation Services can even provide you a “turnkey” hangar suite that meets all your needs.

Using computer aided drafting programs, hangar projects can be built to get the maximum utilization of space while providing the best return on your investment.

We know how to weigh options, negotiate ancillary benefits to developing airports (such as written contracts for fuel discounts and services), and find possible tax advantages that help offset the expense of building your own facility.

Whether you need a row of T-Hangars or 20,000 square feet of hangar space, Allegiance Aviation Services is here to help you reach your goals.